Kidz Corner

Age appropriate biblical teaching for the children. Interactive lessons and practical applications of the Bible provide enjoyment while developing a solid Christian foundation.

Level Up • Young Adults

Level Up – Ages 16 -20 – A safe place to ask questions and express feelings as young people begin the transition into adulthood. Solid teaching, biblical guidance, and reassurance during what can be a difficult time.

Real Talk • Young Adults

Real Talk – Ages 21-30 – Honest and candid conversations and guidance around real life issues that young adults face. No sugar coating – this is the place to ask the questions and search for the answer in the Word of God.

Metamorphosis Women's Ministry

Ladies unifying to as they transform from an immature form to a spiritual adult form by supernatural means. Women fellowship together in Bible study as well as social outings to grow in God and develop sisterly bonds.

Man Up Men's Ministry

Men of all ages banding together to educate and inspire one another to occupy their rightful position in the family of God. Older men provide encouragement as they share wisdom to youngsters embracing manhood for the first time.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings is for the benefit of seniors 55 years of age and older. This ministry caters to the spiritual, social, and educational needs of the most mature members.

Married 4 Life

This marriage ministry is committed to enriching the relationships of couples to create lifelong unions. Married and engaged couples participate in activities which promote communication and intimacy while strengthening the bond between husband and wife.


The team behind the scenes. This group of innovative young people are on the cutting edge for the kingdom. They demonstrate their creativity and tech skills in their presentation of the ministry on social media and through multimedia platforms.

Health & Wellness

Coming Soon

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